SHUNT REACTORS Product Catalogue

Shunt reactor is basically a kind of an inductive load device, and provides a linear response of impedance versus current which is essential for numerous applications. It compensates for the capacitive currents of long transmission lines or cables and allows more active energy to pass through the system.
The main problems caused by capacitive reactive energy;
1.  Penalties in electricity bills,
2.  Increasing in line voltage,         
3.  Breakdown in sensitive equipment,         
4.  Active energy passing through the system is decreased by capacitive effect.
These problems increase  maintenance and repair costs. Shunt reactors provide inductive load and eliminate the harmful capacitive effect. Beside these they can be used as inductive load in laboratories also.              
Following 1... 5 tests are the routine tests that are performed for each shunt reactor during the manufacturing process and the other tests ( 6,7 and 8 ) are performed upon request.
1. Inductance  test        
2. Current test          
3. Resistance Test          
4. Impulse voltage withstand test          
5. One minute Insulation voltage withstand test ( AC )          
6. Short circuit withstand test          
7. Temperature rise Test          
8. Sound level test